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Pet Insurance

How Immediate Veterinary Cover Works

Immediate Veterinary Cover (IVC) allows you to provide 4 weeks free insurance to the owner of any new puppy, kitten or rabbit which is presented for vaccinations or health-checks, and is aged from 6 weeks to under 1 year.

Why is pet insurance so important?

Our experience shows that 1 in 3 pets will require unexpected veterinary treatment each year. Pet insurance can help owners cover the cost of unexpected veterinary treatment and allows veterinary practices to do more to help clients and their pets. Immediate Veterinary Cover is an easy way to introduce pet insurance to clients.

Notes applicable to the IVC scheme

  1. IVC is only available for pets aged between 6 weeks and under 1 year.
  2. IVC is only available if there is no existing full pet insurance in place for the animal.
  3. A separate IVC policy must be arranged for each pet requiring cover.
  4. IVC must not be used for puppies, kittens and rabbits which have been bought for resale, or for breeders’  stock awaiting sale.
  5. The policy book may not be transferred. Policies arranged by anyone other than the practice to whom it was issued will be null and void.
  6. You should automatically receive a replacement IVC book as soon as we received the first policy.
    If the client takes out a full policy for their pet to follow on from their IVC policy, cover will begin once the 4 weeks free insurance has expired.
  7. To make sure they have insurance for their pet without any break cover, clients must call Petplan before their IVC policy finishes. Petplan accepts no responsibility to provide insurance after the IVC policy finishes.

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